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Pharmaceutical Research and Production Enterprise

Our company is founded in 1992. Primary activities are:

  1. Development, production and release of treatment-and-prophylactic innovative phytopreparations in original dosage forms which work immediately in the center of an inflammation and eliminate etiologies and their disturbances.

  2. Development and deployment of original innovative technologies of extraction of herbs with conservation of their high natural activity in small dosages.

  3. Research clinical work on studying of medical, preventive and improving action of the let-out preparations with leading experts.

    There is an enormous volume of results of clinical application of our preparations (if necessary we can send electron versions).

Explanation of HIGH MEDICAL EFFICIENCY and characteristic differences of our preparations.

  1. Extracts of herbs are received on unique innovative technology on the modern equipment, allowing to allocate and receive biologically active agents from plants:

    • WATER-SOLUBLE, i.e. the most active in medical action (phytoenzymes, phytohormones, proteins, polysaccharides and др);
    • at the MOLECULAR level, i.e. the fractions containing substances with purposeful medical action without ballast and harmful substances (which allergic reactions generally cause);
    • with conservation of high natural activity of substances, without destructions since at all stages of receiving extracts temperature doesn't exceed +40 °C and there are no chemical reagents.
  2. Selection of a compounding allows to reach as much as possible result at the expense of the complex mechanism of action of a preparation. One preparation, as a rule, replaces to 10 drugs!!!

  3. Our phytopreparations are hypoallergenic and are recommended for a wide range of patients.

  4. The original dosage form allows to have medical effect the LONG time immediately in the inflammation center.

  5. Long storage and convenience in application of preparations.